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Our Top 3 Favorite 2023 Wedding Floral Trends

With this blog, our motivation is two-fold: 1. We love highlighting how wedding florals trends change over time — it’s so cool to see what’s popular and what’s out each season, and we know it helps YOU with inspo! 2. We’re selfish. We want couples booking us for 2023 so that we have the chance to try out so many of these amazing trends that are to die for. So, to that end, we want to highlight our top 3 favorite 2023 wedding floral trends, and we hope you’re on board!

1. The Bold and the Beautiful

Yes, there was a time for blush and white. Actually, most people call blush and white florals “timeless.” If you’re a blush and white floral couple, go for it. Some venues and styles call for it! But in 2023, blush and white are stepping aside for bold, beautiful colors. This year, our wedding couples are going for over-the-top color palettes that demand attention, and we’re here for it.

2. Finally… Say Goodbye to Boring Boutonnieres

We always thought the traditional single-bloom boutonniere was a bore. Poor grooms, groomsmen, and other special men were doomed to just get a little pin on the jacket while the women had all the fun! In 2023, we are LOVING the innovation we’re seeing in this area as couples are asking for all kinds of spin-offs from the boutonniere. So far, we’ve heard of floral bowties and pocket-square florals. Now, men, don’t let us down.

3. Wow Them With Installations

Knife and Fork Inn with Garden in the Pines & Louis Cabrera Photography

Alright, this might be our favorite of the 2023 wedding floral trends, but we were ahead of the game on this one. We’ve consistently encouraged our wedding couples to invest in big statement pieces rather than blowing their whole wedding floral budget on centerpieces. As we’ve discussed in the past, so many couples are blown away with the surprise expense of centerpieces, and the rest of their venue loses out on the magic of floral décor. In 2023, we’re so glad to see that we’re wishing farewell to traditional centerpieces in exchange for really simple, elegant tables. Instead, couples are getting big installations that transform their space, including the entryway, ceremony altar, and dancefloor!

Deck Out Your Wedding in 2023 Wedding Floral Trends

We’re begging you. Huge and gorgeous installations, made up of bold colors, and the men wearing floral bowties? Wedding of the year!

If you’re excited about any of these trends and you’re looking to book your 2023 wedding, please send us an inquiry! We’re dying to get to know you and get started on your vision board.

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