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A Luxury Atlantic City Wedding

Photo by Louis Cabrera

Listen to this: organic, Italian-villa, romantic, elegant, beachy. How dreamy! Garden In The Pines had the honor of creating a beautiful beachy wedding for Noelle and Dan on their home-town beach in Atlantic City, New Jersey. And an immersive, one-of-a-kind experience for their guests inside The Knife and Fork two blocks away from their beach ceremony.

Working with this couple to bring their unique vision to life was a dream come true. Noelle and Dan wanted to fully embrace the creative design skillsets of Garden in the Pines, expressed their feelings of intimacy, love, and community, and we got to work to create one of our favorite events to date.

Noelle and Dan wanted to fully embrace the history of Atlantic City and their love for The Knife & Fork, and we were happy to oblige. They requested a neutral color palette, which we used to create an Italian Villa design inside The Knife and Fork Inn.

The Bridal Party Decor

Photo By Louis Cabrera

Our beautiful bride requested a classically designed bridal bouquet of elegant white roses. We used elegant garden roses to add to the ambiance of the day and create the beautiful rose-scent to remember for anniversaries to come.

Our dashing groom encouraged Garden in the Pines to be creative in our design to compliment his attire. We created a unique, textural, succulent bow-tie for him to wear. This added interest, depth, and personality to his day-of attire.

The bridesmaids all wore beautiful gold gowns, and we created petite bouquets for them to carry down the aisle. Each bouquet included a neutral color palette of champagnes, browns, and ivories to compliment their gowns.

The Ceremony Decor

Photo By Garden in the Pines

For our beautiful ceremony backdrop, we wanted to create a design that didn’t obstruct the incredible Atlantic City Ocean, but we also wanted to create impact with a one-of-a-kind design.

Our gold ring arch created a beautiful base, and to ensure that the 40 mile and hour winds didn’t knock the whole structure over, we weighed it down with sand, weights, and anchor points to keep it upright.

For this event, we were hired to coordinate all ceremony decor including chair set ups for 70 guests and a 500-foot long aisle runner to help create a smooth walkway on the sandy beach.

One of my favorite ideas that we incorporated into this event was a full-immersive experience for guests to take them from their cars, down the beach, to the ceremony.

We created a walkway of arrangements to help create the experience, build anticipation, and create a beautiful walkway down the 500-foot stretch of beach. Then, our team was able to quickly collect the pieces after the guests and couple were in the ceremony, to create that same experience in the reception space.

The Reception Decor

The vision for the reception space was “Italian Villa.” We incorporated a lot of organic greenery textures, a neutral color palette to compliment the dark red walls, and incredible design concepts to create impact in this intimate space without taking up precious floor space.

We set out to create a beautiful statement piece that immediately made guests “WOW” in exclamation. The archway created a backdrop for photos, videos, and dances, and the ceiling installation created an immersive experience for guests that completely transformed their event experience.

We decided that with the limited seating within the space, and the large impact pieces, that we could keep the table designs simple with bud vase designs.

Photo By Garden in the Pines

Create Impactful Designs With Garden in the Pines

As you can see, we have a passion for bringing unique design ideas to life in unique spaces! We also love the opportunity to custom-build pieces that you’ll need for your venue, or to help you pick from our inventory of rentals. Whether you’re looking for classic and simple or extravagant and romantic, we can put together your dream day with exotic, local, and homegrown blooms.

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When you’re ready, send us a message to get a discussion started about the vision you have for your wedding. We can’t wait to tell your love story in flowers!

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