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The Unexpected Wedding Budget Eater – Centerpieces


When planning your wedding one of the first questions to consider is your total budget. How much can you and your spouse afford to spend on your special day? This will dictate everything- from the venue that you wed, to the food that you are going to eat, to the style of dinner that you and your guests will enjoy, to the cake that will smear your faces, and of course, the flowers that will decorate your venue.

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Wedding flowers can vary greatly in cost depending on the vision that you have for your special day. More cost-effective flowers such as carnations, snapdragons, stock, and zinnias can stretch the budget much further than Phalaenopsis orchids, peonies, ranunculus, and garden roses. And, the number of guests and bridal party members can dictate how much of your budget will be eaten up quickly with centerpieces and personal arrangements.

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Accent Decor Compote Centerpiece- Autumn Inspired Centerpiece Arrangement Designed by Alyssa of Garden in the Pines

Accent Decor Compote Centerpiece- Autumn Inspired Centerpiece Arrangement Designed by Alyssa of Garden in the Pines

Wedding centerpieces are one of the quickest budget eaters based on the size of your wedding. Think about it…. If you have 150 wedding guests with tables that seat 8 people- we’re at 19 table centerpieces. A centerpiece like this sits around $350 for a wedding. Multiply that by 19 & you’re at about $6,500.

Let me share a secret with you. There are ways to bring this number down a bit to make your budget stretch a little further.

Tell Your Guests to Get Cozy!

They make 12-person tables that you can request from your rental company, or you can ask your venue the maximum amount of guests allowed to fit at a table!

The less tables you need- the less linens you need, centerpieces, and table rentals. For a 150 guest wedding, now centerpieces will only cost you $4,550. A whole $2,000 is saved that you can put toward the wedding arch you’ve been dreaming about, a special sweetheart table backdrop, a tablescape package that elevates the feel of your wedding, or toward a candle package that can really help set the mood.


Work with a Flexible and Creative Floral Design Team

Your wedding should be everything you’ve dreamt about. Your flowers should be a reflection of you, your style, and your relationship. And we truly want every moment of your special day to feel magical. You shouldn’t have to cut corners or fall for cheap tricks just because your budget is smaller.

The right florist for you will work with you within your budget. They won’t make you feel bad about your financial limitations. Instead, they’ll offer creative ways to achieve your vision without breaking the bank.

Maybe this means having all-out centerpieces on some tables and cheaper (but still beautiful!) centerpiece options on the other tables. This variety might even elevate your wedding venue more than consistent centerpieces across the room.

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