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Garden In The Pines Goals for 2023

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Entering a new year is startling yet exciting. For florists, farmers, and gardeners, it means warm weather is quickly approaching, and we need to plan now for what’s to come. At GITP, we’re both planning our spring blooms and gearing up for the wedding season. We’ve done a lot of reflection in the past few days, too. We’re so excited to jump into new goals and more success in 2023. Here are just a few that we’ve put down on paper!

1. Bring Our Clients’ Visions to Life

Above all else, Garden In The Pines reaches for the stars when it comes to the client’s vision for their special day. When we work with you, we want to get everything perfect, right down to the smallest details. This year, we plan on going all out on every wedding couple’s vision that comes through our doors, whether they have very specific requests or want to hand over the heavy lifting to us and get surprised with the floralscapes of their dreams. Of course, this was our same goal last year, and we killed it. Check out our client showcase if you don’t believe us!

2. Get Published Online

We don’t just reach for the stars when it comes to our clients. Our business growth goals for 2023 are huge, too! This year, we plan on getting publishing in a reputable and popular online blog or magazine. Martha Stewert Weddings and Hapers Bazaar come to mind! Yes, it’s our third year in existence. But we’ve accomplished some pretty crazy goals so far, so why can’t we achieve this, too?

3. Launch An Online Course

As much as we grow at GITP, we will never forget where we came from. Not too long ago, I was just freelance designing for other florists. Now, I’ve successfully launched and grown my own floral design business. I owe a lot of that success to online courses that I invested in early on. To pay it forward, I plan to create and launch a successful online course for event florists so that they can systemize their businesses. I see too many florists struggling in the rut of manually doing every task themselves and never breaking out of the work-to-survive cycle. It’s time to automate and organize so that your business works for you!

4. Grow the GITP YouTube Channel to 5k

Another huge goal, but a great one: I plan on getting up to five thousand subscribers for our GITP YouTube Channel! Of course you can help me out with this goal personally by heading over and hitting that subscribe button 🙂 There’s so much valuable content that I can’t wait to share with you all.

5. An Oldie, But A Goodie

I’m sure you all can relate to this goal for 2023: I want to dedicate time to having fun, enjoying more quality time with my family, and celebrating all of our wins. It can be easy to get caught up in the hamster wheel of constant progress and improvement. It’s time to step out of the wheel and take a deep breath — we made it! Yes, there’s so much more to do, but look at how far we’ve come!

Ring In The New Year With GITP Wedding Florals

If one of your huge goals for 2023 is to get married and throw a magical bash, we’d love to help you get there. Garden In The Pines is charging forward at full force, booking up weekend weddings left and right. Act now to get yourself penciled into our schedule for 2023, and we’ll start our highly-personalized, carefree process for getting your vision out of your head and into reality.

Inquire today about your wedding date and set up a discovery call!

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