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Most Common Wedding Flower Design Questions

Deciding on your wedding floral design style can be daunting- especially when Pinterest shares thousands of different design styles and photos that you love. To help, we’ve put together a bunch of our commonly asked questions to help you in your planning process. Below are the most common wedding flower design questions in the industry.

Wedding Table Centerpiece Design

Sweetheart Table? Head Table? Or King’s Table?

Your table should reflect your unique style and personality.


A sweetheart table showcases just you and your new spouse at a separate table from your bridal party and guests.

This is often a smaller-scale table. You both face the room. The Sweetheart table will often have a backdrop and beautiful table centerpiece that is different from your guest tables. Helps to give you a little bit of privacy to be ‘just the two of you’ for a few minutes while you eat dinner.


A Head table features you, your spouse, and your whole bridal party.

This is often an extremely long table. Everyone faces the room, and you typically have a centerpiece set up different from your guests tables. This table set up makes it difficult to speak to all of your bridal party members as you’re all in a long, one-sided line.


A King’s Table features you, your spouse, your bridal party, and their guests.

This table set up is often the most conversational. Everyone sits around the dinner table and is able to easily converse with other members at that table. It can be designed to incorporate elegant, tall centerpieces that are easy to enjoy the moment and talk to your table members.

Tall Centerpieces or Low centerpieces?

This question greatly depends on your guest count and what your budget will allow. You can read here about centerpieces being a quick budget eater.


Tall centerpieces are a fabulous choice for an elegant space with tall ceilings. There are so many different vases, stands, or candles that we can incorporate into your centerpiece design to create the biggest impact.

Low centerpieces can be designed in elegant compote bowls, in bud vases, as garlands, on lanterns, and in a variety of other shapes and styles to best compliment your vision. Low centerpieces can help create more of an intimate table setting.


For the largest impact, especially with a large table count, I love to incorporate a mix of tall centerpieces and low centerpieces that coordinate with each other.

Hanging Installations?

Hanging florals or greenery from the ceiling creates an epic entrance for your guests and the dreamiest wedding photos. By using hanging florals, you can establish the ambiance for the whole event.

Your floral designer will be able to help you decide on the greatest impact for your reception space. And, coordinate with your venue to ensure that it is allowed. If not allowed to hang blooms from the ceiling, your designer can get creative with their mechanics to create other installations that can create the same impact.

Ceremony Backdrop?

We believe that a ceremony backdrop is a must-have item for your special day. You’re going to have the most photos during your ceremony and you’ll want flowers to elevate to your space.

Backdrops can be literally anything your heart desires! So, we’ve put together a round up of past ceremony backdrops we’ve had the pleasure of creating here.

There are got classic arches, chuppahs, circular rings, hexagonal arches, and triangle arches. All of these can come in different varieties of wood or metal.

You’ve also got the ability to create a natural arch out of the surrounding elements- like draping from trees, florals climbing up trees, or to create a blooming half-moon to look like a growing meadow around you.

Standing in front of a free-standing structure like antique doors, organic floral pillars, asymmetrical free-standing floral statement pieces, floral walls, and more is also an option!

With custom ideas, please inquire here!

Plus, depending on your option, we can repurpose your decor for your ceremony space as a sweetheart table backdrop, Photo Booth backdrop, grand entrance to your reception space, behind the DJ booth, etc! 😉

More Wedding Flower Design Questions?

Have more questions that haven’t been answered here? Visit our FAQ page or contact us directly to discuss!

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