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What is the Best Month to Get Married in New Jersey?

When you’ve dreamt about your wedding, did you dream about fall leaves painting the background for your ceremony? Or Spring flowers bursting through the soil? Summer sunsets on the beach? OR dreamy snow falling around your portrait photos? Planning your wedding should begin with picking the perfect wedding date, so what is the best month to get married in New Jersey? 

Start with a season that reflects your personality and style; then, we can delve into the best month for your perfect wedding in New Jersey.


What season suits your style?

There are a couple questions to consider when choosing the right season for your special day- and the day that you want to plan!

  • First, Where are you planning to get married?

The location you choose to host your wedding can dictate many of the other factors. For example, are you planning a hot summer, Texas wedding outdoors? Or, a freezing temperature wedding in December? Too hot or freezing temperatures may influence your ceremony decisions and floral choices (no sweat- your floral designer will be able to help you out with those decisions ).

  • Do you want an indoor or outdoor ceremony?

Definitely take the average temperature into account when planning the season you’d like to wed. If you are opting for an outdoor wedding ceremony in freezing or scorching temperatures, you may need to keep that in mind when choosing appropriate attire.

summer beach boho wedding nj

Once you have the season ironed out, then you can take into account the best month for your wedding.

  • Venues and vendors have ‘Peak seasons’ and ‘Slow Seasons.’
  • Peak wedding months are May through June, and August through October.
  • Typically, July is a notoriously slower month, along with January and February.
  • Slower months typically have a less expensive rate for wedding venues.

What is the Best Month to Get Married in New Jersey?

If I had to pick the best month to get married in New Jersey, it would have to be a tie between early June and late September. If you’re looking for a specific type of weather, it’s best to check typical weather patterns.

Early June: Peony season! As a florist, of course, my answer considers the flowers that are available that time of year. almost every bride requests peonies. So, what better time to get married than peony season? HA!

For other reasons, early June is the perfect time of year for weather and temperatures. In early June it’s usually a beautiful sunny and 75 on the jersey shore. It’s more sunny than rainy. And, all of your guests will be bursting at the seams for some summer fun.


Late September: Dahlia Season! Late September is the perfect time of year for dahlias. Dahlias are my personal favorite flower because they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, forms, and colors. And, they fit into every design beautifully.

For other reasons, late September is the perfect time of year for the peak summer heat to be dying down. You’re able to enjoy the warmer afternoons and crisp evenings. Summer Tourists (we call them bennies) have returned back to their homes. This means there is less traffic for traveling out-of-towners and vendors.

All in all, depending on the season you’re dreaming about, New Jersey is a likely candidate to offer the beautiful spring and summer flowers, summer sunsets, autumn leaves changing, and winter snow.

And, the venue that you choose can help showcase the seasonal beauties that you love.

We’ve put together two separate blogs about choosing your venue, check them out below!

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