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3 Things to Know When Choosing A Wedding Venue

When choosing a wedding venue, do you picture your special day taking place on the beach, in a church, or on a farm? Maybe you’ve always pictured your wedding backdrop to overlook the mountains, a beautiful garden, or even a stately fireplace? What about in an aquarium or museum?

The ideas are endless, but you want your venue to be perfect because it showcases your love story. We want to help you tell your love story, so below are three things to know when choosing a wedding venue.

A Little Background

When my husband and I tied the knot, our day was most special to us. My husband and I had our first date, became engaged, and said ‘I Do’ on the same date. It was our day. And, we wanted that to be special to us.

We both have more of a rustic personality, so we got married on a farm in our hometown. It was perfectly close for all of our family and friends to join us without having to travel far. And, it was perfectly us in the most imperfect ways – you can read more about our own wedding day here.

But, when choosing your perfect place to wed on your perfect day, think of these three key things:

  1. Does it tell your love story?
  2. Will it fit your personality?
  3. How about your overall theme?

Your special day is about you and your fiancé.

It should be all about you! From the ceremony to the send off, make it unique to you!

So, this could mean that you serve hors d’oeuvres in cocktail hour that are a favorite dish that you enjoy together: like buffalo wings if your first date was to get wings, or fried calamari if your first date was a seafood restaurant.

Or signature drinks that are your favorites.

If you walked the beach on your first date, maybe you wed on the beach at sunset?

Choosing a Wedding Venue that Screams You

Are you a social light, a golfer, or a a country-club member? Or, do you enjoy a beautiful mountain-scape, luaus, beach vacations? Do you enjoy baking, museum tours, the city, or the countryside?

Take these things into consideration when picking your venue! You can get really creative by getting married in a museum or aquarium, beautiful gardens, on farms, wineries, breweries, restaurants, golf clubs, yacht clubs – you name it!

Visualize Your Theme

Of course, from a design standpoint, I have to advise you to pick a venue that matches your overall theme and aesthetic. Think tropical for beach-front wedding venues. Think tall, elegant centerpieces in ballrooms. Think, hanging greenery in wineries.

Your floral designer can help you get very creative in this space! Ask for their design opinions when you book so that they can help you optimize your space to make the biggest impact.

Choosing A Wedding Venue Just Got Easier

Share in the comments below where you are planning to get married! What drew you to that venue?

We’d love to discuss your ideas for your venue and offer any insights we’ve gained in our experience. Contact us to start planning!

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