Dec 16

Our Favorite Wedding Floral Designs of 2022

This past year was full of so much growth for us. We’ve grown as designers AND we’ve grown our list of clients and venues with which we’ve become close partners. Garden in the Pines has now adorned some truly gorgeous venues across New Jersey. We can’t wait to see what’s to come in 2023!

In honor of 2022, let’s talk about the designs we’ve come to adore and what we’d love to do more of going forward!

Moody, Bold, and Bright

At Garden In The Pines, we believe your wedding florals should tell your love story. Many times, that love story isn’t cut and dry or black and white. For this couple, their The Water’s Edge wedding needed to go beyond the typical white, blush, and greens. Their autumn wedding by the water called for pops of color that made their flowers stand out against the blue-gray environment, and elements that made guests feel completely immersed in the waterside. My goodness, it turned out amazing. We combined their desired themes of vintage, beachy, and moody with luxurious jewel and autumn colors, all without being too run-of-the-mill and expected!

2. Texture and Diversity That Goes Beyond Color Palette

When we get tasked with a monochromatic wedding, our priority is to create the most interesting diversity of textures we can so that each flower pops beyond its color. At Eric and Elizbeth’s wedding at the Atlantic City Country Club, we had to go big or go home for their green, white, and gold bash. Just look at how stunning that bouquet is! We also loved being able to use items in our rental inventory to create luxurious gold tablescapes, including our candles and bud vases.

3. Transforming the Space

There’s no doubt that wedding florals take the venue to the next level, but often budget limitations put the florist in a box. “We just need the essentials, nothing too crazy.” Well, when we get a couple that comes in with this mindset, we like to blow their minds by showing them how to get the most out of their florals. In this space at the Knife and Fork Inn, we encouraged the couple to invest in statement pieces to make the venue drop-dead gorgeous rather than worrying too much about the traditionals. Did it pay off? You tell me.

4. Elegance of Design

At GITP, we know that beautiful wedding floral design isn’t just about massive amounts of expensive blooms. True elegance and sophistication is using blooms where it counts so that it doesn’t overwhelm the already GORGEOUS venue you’ve booked — it just highlights its beauty and lets you shine. We loved these sophisticated, carefree pieces we adorned The Grove At Centerton with.

5. Boating Our Hearts Away

How many florists can honestly say they’ve flowered a boat for a wedding!? We were so excited about this challenge — it was truly a unique way to send off this couple towards the romantic sunset of the rest of their love life! The Bay Head Yacht Club wasn’t too shabby, either. We used tons of eucalyptus and bright blooms with movement to match sophistication with the easy-breezy bay. We also really enjoyed creating long table runners of greens, votive candles, and beautiful glass vase centerpieces.

Book Your 2023 Wedding Today!

If you haven’t jumped on picking out your florals yet, we urge you to do so! We are so excited to hear from you about your love story and your wedding day vision. If you love any of the above concepts and designs or you’re booked at one of these astounding venues, please let us know. You can check out even more of our past events in our client showcase!

Send us an inquiry to get your discussion started and receive a mood board of your day!

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