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Tips for Picking a Wedding Venue

Picking a wedding venue is one of the prime components of setting the mood for your whole event. The venue can determine a good theme, coordinate with your style and personality, tell your love story, and more (stay tuned for a blog post coming out with ways to convey your love story in your venue choice).

Pick the Right Season (and Day) for You

The date you have in mind can greatly impact the cost of your wedding venue. Venues have peak and off-seasons. Typical peak wedding season is considered may through October. Most off-seasons are November through April. Given the time of year, rates will vary.

When picking a wedding venue, also keep in mind that the day of the week varies for rates as well. Saturday nights are the most expensive. Followed by Friday nights, and Sundays. Monday through Thursday are going have the most affordable rates.

Wedding venues book quickly and pretty far in advance. Keep this in mind also that the date you have in mind may not be available for the given year that you are hoping to wed. Is this a deal-breaker or are you willing to wait an extra year for a venue you love?

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Are You in Love with ‘Plan B’?

I know, I know. It’s not going to rain, snow, sleet, hail, hurricane, or tornado on YOUR wedding day. But, what if it does? We need to have a plan B in place. And, that plan b needs to be a location that you will love equally as much as plan A.

Does the venue have a beautiful indoor location for your wedding ceremony in the event of an issue with the gorgeous outdoor location?

Will you be head-over-heels in love with your wedding photos if the plan B is your plan for the day?

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Picking a Wedding Venue with Lodging and Shuttle Services

How close is the nearest hotel?

Will the hotel allow you to block off some rooms for out of town guests?

Can you book a shuttle service from the hotel to the venue?

Keep these thoughts in mind when thinking about your venue location. the closer the hotel- the better!

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Know the Size of Your Guest List

Your guest list can determine a lot for your venue. All venues have capacity limits for their ballrooms, restaurants, and banquet halls. If your venue only fits 100 people comfortably (including vendors), then it won’t work for your 250 guest list. Likewise, cost per plate could greatly affect the guest list ($100-$300 per person adds up very quickly!)

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Know What’s Included

Think about everything included in a venue’s packages.

What’s included in the dinner package? Is it buffet or sit-down style dinner?

Is the cake included?

Is there a ‘getting ready’ bridal suite?

What’s cocktail hour like?

How long is the reception time?

What’s the restroom situation like?

Is there an open bar included? For how long? Does it include shots?

These are just a couple questions to consider when booking your special day at the perfect place for your wedding!

photo by Kelly sea photos.

Good Luck in Picking a Wedding Venue!

As we do with all our clients, we hope that you have an absolutely beautiful wedding! If you’re in need of more assistance, feel free to reach out to us.

Comment below with your venue of choice for your special day!

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