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How To Find The Right Wedding Florist


So you have your perfect wedding venue, your caterer, your photographer, and your DJ or live band… You need a florist, too! Finding the right wedding florist for your event can depend on your ideal style and scale of your wedding.

Many event floral designers have minimums in place to book with them for their wedding floral service. Or, they only take on a select number of weddings per year. So, it’s important to do your research right from the get-go.


Let’s talk about the way floral designers operate first… Then, we’ll get into general style and vibe.

Find the Right Wedding Florist for Your Budget


Most event floral designers have a dollar minimum in place for their wedding floral services. It varies from designer to designer depending on skill, experience, and overhead. Each designer knows his or her worth, and has to ensure that the wedding is worth their while, especially when many potential couples seek their service. So, the minimum helps to weed out price shoppers that aren’t obsessed with the designer’s particular style.

Likewise, wedding floral designers have an intensive schedule. And, it can quickly become overwhelming if he/she takes on too many weddings within a given season. Burn-out can happen quickly, especially if no breaks are taken throughout the peak wedding season. Many designers have learned their own limits, usually ranging from fifteen to fifty events per year depending on the size of their design team. If a designer operates solo, he/she may be more particular in the events that he/she takes on each year.

So, if your heart is set on a particular designer, some research needs to be done to ensure that your floral budget will fit his/her minimum. And, that they have availability for your upcoming event!

Dive In with the Details Early


Each wedding varies from couple to couple, so the florist will have a questionnaire that helps to give them some insight into the event that you are hoping to bring to life. Some very important questions that speak to the scale of your wedding include: guest count, bridal party count, and if you are envisioning large-scale installations. Large scale installations typically include floral chandeliers, ceilings, fireplaces, or floral walls. Some designers prefer to focus on smaller scale weddings and refuse to climb a ladder, where other florists love the impact that hanging installations can create. Of course, the floral designer will refer you to a more aligned florist if he/she doesn’t feel to be a good fit for your event.


Choose the Right Wedding Florist for Your Style

Finally, your style can greatly impact which floral designer is best for your event. Are you a boho gal? Or, maybe more traditional? Are you heart-set on using sustainably-grown, local blooms? Or you just HAVE to have roses in December- in which case they would have to be shipped into the country in time for your event? Do you prefer a specific style and shape to your bridal bouquet or centerpiece? Or, do you just want blush flowers and trust that your designer will create something beautiful? All of these questions can point you in the direction of your ideal floral designer.


Garden in the Pines Wedding Florals

Here at Garden in the Pines, we strive to use as many locally grown blooms as possible. We have more of a lush, textural, garden-inspired aesthetic with organic shapes. We will refuse to use floral foam in our arrangements and installations – striving to create sustainable arrangements without the use of harsh carcinogens. We are happy to climb a ladder to create an epic floral installation. And, we currently have a $5,000 minimum spend.

We love watching the joy that flowers can bring to your special day. And, we love that you are supporting small, local businesses to bring your vision to life. When you support Garden in the Pines, you are also supporting local flower growers, potters, and sustainable design practices that will not harm our environment.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today!


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