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3 Woes of Wedding Flower Planning Caused by Pinterest

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Pinterest – We’ve all got to love it. It gives every newly engaged couple the most perfectly created wedding photos for inspiration. Except, most of the photos you are bringing to our initial consultation are heavily-posed, heavily-filtered, faux floral shoots. Because of this, we’ve found 3 woes of wedding flower planning caused by Pinterest that we need to share with you!

Companies spend thousands of dollars to create that PERFECT photo; believe us, we know it really is perfect! Combined with common myths about wedding flowers, it can be hard to see the forest through the trees. But the reality is that the flowers within that photoshoot are high-end, luxury florals that most couples do not have the budget to include in their arrangements, especially in a high quantity, the floral colors may not exist due to heavy filters, and the posing can distort the reality of the arrangement.


1. Pinterest Doesn’t Consider Your Budget

Bridal bouquets vary in size, shape, color, and floral choice. So, if your bouquet is full of peonies, garden roses, orchids, or ranunculus, it is going to be significantly more expensive than if it were composed of daisies and snapdragons.

Most standard bridal bouquets begin around $200. This ensures that it is full enough to create the desired look. Though, pricing can increase dramatically depending on the blooms and desired style. Keep in mind that cascading bridal bouquets will run around $400.

To put this in perspective, a bouquet like this one pictured would cost you roughly $320 + 6.625% sales tax here in New Jersey.


Of course, this is a dramatic, PREMIUM bouquet with some of the highest quality, most-expensive blooms you’ll find on the market. This is just an example to demonstrate the high cost of flowers and the way that Pinterest can give you inspiration without a single thought to the cost of the blooms within the photo.


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2. Pinterest Photos Are Heavily Filtered

Heavily filtered Pinterest photos can create design difficulties when the filters create floral colors that do not exist! We understand that filters are all the rage and can totally enhance your photos; however, these photos should just be an inspiration – an idea for your floral designer to get a sense of your style. It will not be a copy-cat arrangement; especially, if the focal flower does not exist in that color.


3. Pinterest Photos Are Posed

Posing can make such a difference for the flowers that you see! Maybe only half of the bouquet is made up so only the camera can see it. Maybe the bride is holding the arrangement in a particular direction, giving it a different shape. There are so many possibilities! Trust your floral designer to capture your day and style; they will be sure to make your bouquet totally YOU!

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Trust Your Florist with Your Wedding Flower Planning

Pinterest is an amazing resource for gathering, organizing, and communicating your ideas. Definitely continue to utilize it! However, please use Pinterest with an open mind; especially, when going into your consultation and design meetings with your floral designer.

They wants your day to be PERFECT, too! And with a little trust and communication about who you and your partner are and your styles; your floral designer will create the perfect arrangements to be an extension of you.


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