Jun 16

Love ‘N Fresh Flowers Floral Cohort – Session Two


As part of my floral professional development, I have dedicated this year to practice and growth. As you read about in Session One of our floral cohort with Love ‘N Fresh Flowers, I signed up for a continuing education program in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Jennie Love’s successful event design and farmer florist business is a large inspiration for my business, and learning under her expertise has been nothing short of amazing.

We’ve finished our floral cohort with Love ‘N Fresh Flowers. You can review our other sessions here:


On Tuesday June 8, I had the pleasure of returning to her farm for the second session of our floral cohort. Our focus of this session was Hand Tied Bridal Bouquets where Jennie taught us her spiraling technique and how to translate it into different styles. Her favorite design style for Bridal Bouquets is a boat shape- which I decided to focus on for this session. The art of the spiral protects the functionality of the bouquet to ensure that stems do not break, everything stays in place, and that the bouquet is able to stand on its own for photos.


We used all in-season flowers grown directly from her farm to create these bouquets. Some of the included flowers and foliage were Saparenia, Feverfew, Peonies, Bachelor Buttons, Sweet William Dianthus, Rattlesnake Grass, Itea, Deravilla, Ninebark, Capanula, Lady’s Mantle, Satin Flower, Snowberry, Spirea, Phlox, Penstamon, Nigella, and Baptisa.


Garden in the Pines loves to incorporate as many locally grown flowers as possible into our floral designs. We believe in bringing the flower market back into the US, since 80% of floral products are imported from overseas. The quality and variety is unrivaled for locally grown flowers.

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