Jul 15

Graduation Bouquets for Central Regional High School NJ Fundraiser


Earlier this summer we had the pleasure of collaborating with Central Regional High School to create a graduation bouquets fundraiser event with the Junior Class. Graduation bouquets pre-ordered or purchased on-site at graduation helped fund the Junior Class’s activities for their Senior Year.

We were tasked with creating an affordable, fun bouquet within Central Regional High School’s gold and garnet color palette. Bouquets were pre-ordered for $17 apiece or purchased on-site for $20 apiece. Pre-orders offer a quality incentive to ensure enough quantity while also offering a slight savings – it’s a win-win!

We had a wildly successful event and we are so excited to work with Central Regional for future events in the years to come.

Take a peek at the bouquets below! There are so many fun ways to get creative if you’d like to throw a similar event. If you’re not a school with specific colors, you can create a bouquet that would go great during a certain season or for other occasions. We would be able to create a variety of sizes and types of bouquets to achieve your vision for the event.

If you have an event that you’d like to coordinate a fundraiser for, reach out to us! We love helping to support local businesses and our community.






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