Dec 27

Love ‘N Fresh Flowers Floral Cohort – Session Five


And so our floral cohort with Love ‘N Fresh Flowers has come to an end. The Love ‘N Fresh Flowers floral professional cohort has been such a wonderful experience. I have had the opportunity to connect with other like-minded new floral professionals and learn under the experience and expertise of Jennie Love.

In our fifth and final meeting at her farm, we worked on all different styles of floral installations. Installations can come in a variety of shapes and styles, and in this session we focused on creating beautiful elements WITHOUT FLORAL FOAM.

As some of you may know, floral foam is one of the worst products in the floral industry- it does not decompose, it is composed of harsh carcinogens, and it cannot be reused. It may be one of the easier products to use, but in the long run, it is the worst! So, Jennie shared some of her favorite eco-friendly techniques with us for creating large-scale installations. Check out the beauty we created below!

Love ‘N Fresh Cohort – Hanging Ceiling Installation


Hanging Ceiling Installations are one of the most impressive ways to wow your guests. Chandeliers can be hung above the dance floor (most commonly) for an epic entrance and photo opportunities throughout the evening.

Love ‘N Fresh Cohort – Floral Meadow Installation


Floral meadows can be created to look like they’re growing around you. These beauties are AMAZING as a ceremony backdrop. It can obviously be scaled up to be taller or wider. But, this is a great example of a beautiful ceremony installation that could later be moved in front of your sweetheart table!

Love ‘N Fresh Cohort – Outdoor Floral Installations

Floral installations can also be created on natural structures – ideal for wedding ceremonies or sweetheart table backdrops for outdoor events. We created an installation to climb up a tree that would beautifully frame the couple during the ceremony or first dinner as a married couple.

Love ‘N Fresh Cohort – Floral Installations for Tables and Signs


Installations can also be constructed on signs, tables, and other structures throughout your event. Maybe you’ve been considering a welcome sign or a large-scale seating display. Installations can be created to climb up the displays, drape over the signs, or across tables.

The only limit to installations is your imagination (and your budget). Keep in mind, that large-scale installations (especially when there are multiple) require a large on-site team of floral professionals to complete within the set-up time frame. And anything needing to be constructed on a ladder or scissor lift requires premium pricing (due to labor and insurance costs- many venues require one-to-two million dollar insurance policies, especially with hanging installations). So, keep your budget in mind when dreaming up beautiful installations.

Achieve Your Dream Floral Scape with Us!

If you love what you see, you can browse more of our work in our Past Events blog.

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