May 14

Love ‘N Fresh Floral Cohort – Session One


This year, as part of my floral professional development, Larry encouraged me to sign up for a floral cohort with Love ‘N Fresh Flowers in Philadelphia, PA. Jennie Love has a wildly successful floral event design business, in which she grows most of her own blooms for the events that she books- definitely a professional that I look up to. On Tuesday I had the pleasure of going out to her farm to learn from Jennie Love herself as she taught her first of five floral cohort workshops.

In November, I had the pleasure of taking Jennie’s online course focused on wedding and event work. In that course I learned much of the business-end of wedding and event work. So, this cohort will be a great lesson with hands-on experience to continue to build our brand.

During this first meeting, we talked about much of the behind-the-scenes of floral work, sourcing, and storing. We had many discussions to get to know the other nine women participating in the cohort. We walked the farm to see how Jennie runs her business. And, at the end of the afternoon we practiced boutonniere and corsage design skill work. We are all very much looking forward to the next meeting in June!

Love ‘n Fresh Floral Cohort Session One- Boutonniere and Corsage Design

Love ‘n Fresh Floral Cohort Session One- Boutonniere and Corsage Design

I am so excited for the next meeting in June! I’ll be sure to keep you all posted on our events at the next cohort!

We have finished the Love ‘N Fresh floral cohort. You can review our sessions here:

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