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A Dreamy Beach-Inspired Wedding at Brant Beach Yacht Club: Sophia and Liam’s Love Story Unveiled

Photo By Melanie Cassie Photography

Love, laughter, and the soft sound of waves – welcome to Sophia and Liam’s beach-inspired wedding. The picturesque Brant Beach Yacht Club provided a breathtaking seaside celebration. We worked closely with the mother-of-the-bride to bring her daughter’s vision to life. From the organic bouquet to the stunning arch design, every detail helped to create a day filled with cherished memories and enchanting moments.

Photo By Melanie Cassie Photography

Designing the Perfect Bouquet

As the sun danced on the horizon, Sophia’s all-white and green bouquet took center stage. Designed with a loose and organic style, it was a reflection of her timeless elegance and the seaside’s natural charm. Adorned with delicate white florals and trailing ribbon, the bouquet perfectly complemented Sophia’s radiant smile, exuding an air of romance and sophistication. It was an honor to curate a bouquet that encapsulated her unique style.

Complimentary Bridesmaid Bouquets

Sophia’s bridesmaids walked alongside her, each holding a bouquet that perfectly complimented the bride’s ethereal beauty. The bridesmaid bouquets echoed the same organic style, adorned with white florals that harmonized with the beach-inspired ambiance. The result was a stunning display of unity and love, as the bridal party stood side by side, each holding a bouquet that added a touch of coastal elegance to the day.

Photo By Melanie Cassie Photography

A Ceremony To Remember

Under the azure sky, framed by the gentle breeze, Sophia and Liam exchanged their vows beneath an enchanting arch design . We created a burst of fresh blooms, infusing the ceremony with natural beauty that mirrored the coastal surroundings. The arch design was a captivating focal point, symbolizing the love between the couple.

In addition to the round arch provided by Rustic Drift, the couple completed the ceremony aesthetic with a boardwalk runner, coastal plants to line the aisle, and garden chairs to set the scene with the most picture-perfect details.

Photo By Melanie Cassie Photography

A Time For Celebration

Each of the reception tables were adorned with a medium-sized floral centerpieces. Each design complimented the florals from the bouquets and ceremony designed. At the end of the evening each guest was encouraged to take a centerpiece home to treasure after the event.

Photo By Melanie Cassie Photography

Collaborating with the Mother-of-the-Bride

Throughout the design process, we had the pleasure of working closely with the mother-of-the-bride. Her dedication to ensuring her daughter’s dreams came true was evident in every detail. From answering questions to providing reassurance, we strove to make her feel at ease throughout the planning journey. Together, we crafted a vision that celebrated Sophia and Liam’s love story.

Photo By Melanie Cassie Photography

Capturing Timeless Memories

As the sun began to set, the Brant Beach Yacht Club came alive with the glow of love and joy. The beach-inspired design provided a picturesque backdrop for the couple’s photos, capturing timeless memories against the backdrop of the glistening sea. From the laughter shared with loved ones to the heartfelt speeches and enchanting first dance, every moment was a testament to the deep love between Sophia and Liam.


Sophia and Liam’s beach-inspired wedding at Brant Beach Yacht Club was a day filled with romanced joy. Working closely with the mother-of-the-bride allowed us to curate a celebration that stayed true to the couple’s vision, infusing every detail with the charm of the venue. From the organic bouquet to the coordinated bridesmaid bouquets and the breathtaking arch design. As the sun dipped below the horizon, Sophia and Liam embarked on a new journey, surrounded by the love of their family and friends. Their beach-inspired wedding will forever be a cherished memory, a testament to the beauty of love of the couple.

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