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Wedding Compote Design and Hand-tied Bridal Bouquets


About two weeks ago I took a two-day floral design workshop at Blue Jasmine Floral to learn more about wedding compote design and hand-tied bridal bouquets. Both of these classes used the same general design principles but allowed us one-on-one time with the talented and professional Paulina to perfect our techniques on each design. At the end of the class, Paulina had arranged for professional photos to be taken by Fine and Fleurie Photography to add our work to our portfolios.


This compote style centerpiece was a different style arrangement than I typically create. It allowed me to expand out of my comfort zone to learn a different style of floral design. This arrangement, though tall and wide, does actually allow you to see across a dining table to speak to guests on the opposite side- we tested it! The low center creates a dramatic design effect and allows for the conversations to take place at an event.

Sustainable Design

This compote centerpiece was designed with reusable mechanics – a pin frog and chicken wire, as compared to the typical foam used in the floral design industry. Floral foam is one of the worst mechanics ever created for use in floral design. It is composed of harsh carcinogens and does not biodegrade. And to make matters worse, most floral design schools are sponsored by Oasis – the main manufacturer of floral foam- to teach new floral designers that foam is the only method of floral design. Here at Garden in the Pines, we believe in utilizing other natural mechanics whenever possible.




Paulina taught us her go-to style for hand-tied bridal bouquets. She taught us how to create these beautifully and naturally shaped bouquets with NO mechanics. Any floral designers know how awesome that it is – especially because here at Garden in the Pines, we value the use of all-natural materials and absolutely no use of floral foam. Once the bouquet is composed, it is given a very strong shake test to ensure that no blooms break on the bride after delivery.

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to attend Paulina’s floral design workshop and to learn from her experience. She is a truly gifted floral designer and I hope to perfect my craft with the use of her tips and tricks. I am also grateful for the new friendships I made with other local up-and-coming floral designers at her workshops and hope to freelance with them if an opportunity arises.

Love These Wedding Compote Designs and Hand Tied Bridal Bouquets?

Us too! These design styles are definitely going to be incorporated in our offerings here at Garden in the Pines. If you’re interested, we would love to hear about your love story and how we can tell it with flowers like these.

Please do not hesitate to reach out for your future weddings or events!

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