Feb 8

Growing Our Garden in the Pines

Starting our business, maintaining full-time day jobs, maintaining our house, maintaining our health and wellness with daily visits to our Crossfit gym, and raising our family seems to be no easy feat. We have a to-do list a mile and a half long, hardly any energy, and seemingly little time to accomplish the tasks that continue to accumulate. To prepare our Garden in the Pines for it’s first growing season, we had a dozen trees removed, we are building a fence, building and preparing raised garden beds, building a cooler out of an old camper (we are SO excited about this idea), installing irrigation, seed-starting, transplanting seedlings, maintaining a watering schedule, and still the list goes on.

It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we put our minds to something. We are determined to grow this business into something substantial for our future. And we are so grateful for the support that our community is providing with every purchase, follow on social media, every like, comment or share with their friends, and general kindness as we begin this new adventure. And, we hope to spread love and kindness through our locally-grown flowers along the way.

Thank YOU for being here for the journey with us! We’d love to speak with you, so feel free to contact us!

XX – Lyss

Floral designer and owner of Garden in the Pines

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