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Labor Day Weekend Decor Ideas

Planning to send off the summer with one big backyard BBQ bash on Labor Day weekend? Us too! But we believe in doing more than just throwing a few burgers on the grill. For this party to be really special, you need to have patriotic holiday decor that will keep everyone around ’til the sunrise.

Everyone has different indoor and outdoor spaces to work with, so we’ll keep our Labor Day Weekend decor ideas general. In the spirit of Labor Day, here are 6 things to do that will transform your party space for the holiday weekend!

1. Red White & Blue Floral Centerpieces

What’s a party without fun centerpieces? They can be as small, big, minimal, or extravagant as you’d like, and they’re so versatile that they can be crafted to fit any theme and style. Labor Day Weekend obviously calls for the red, white, and blue color palette, but beyond that, let your imagination run wild.

There are so many different flowers to choose from that can be both naturally red, white, and blue or dyed to match the decor. Our personal favorites for Labor Day are the especially summery flowers like daisies, lilies, zinnias, dahlias, and even sunflowers (did you know they come in white???).

2. Unique Chargers and Place Settings for Labor Day

The best place settings use unique textures, layers, and patterns to pop without clashing. They should make each seat at the table feel extra special and inviting, even if it’s at an informal BBQ! Part of these place settings could be really unique chargers – think bold colors or patterns that contrast the plate, napkin, and utensils. The American flag, anyone?

Personally, my favorite part is folding or arranging the napkins to look effortlessly fabulous. You can tie them in cool knots or even stick a bloom in each one to tie in the centerpieces!

3. Fruit Your Tablescape

You’ve got gorgeous centerpieces. You’ve got unique place settings. What’s missing? Dress up the rest of the tablescape with fruit!

What says summer better than a smattering of fresh, juicy fruit on the tables? It will serve two functions: beauty and nutrition. You can even reinforce the color theme with fruits like watermelon and red and blue berries.

4. Strategically Set Up Your Outdoor Furniture

The perfect, jiving party has a setup of furniture that encourages mingling and lounging. For the end of summer, people want one last chance to fully kick back and relax, so make sure your furniture setup isn’t too tight and inflexible. Try setting up groups of chairs and tables with added shade like umbrellas so that people can comfortably enter conversations and move around. Remember to match your furniture accessories – like your cushions, umbrellas, and blankets (for when the sun goes down) – with your color theme!

5. Don’t Forget the Invites!

A surefire way to let guests know what to expect is to send out detailed invites with a dress code and suggestions for what to bring. Pick out invites or e-vites that will match the color palette, style, and level of formality of the event to set the stage. Don’t be afraid to get fun with it, like requesting that everyone wear a certain color or style of outfit or that everyone should bring a fun game or activity for the group!

6. Create Fun Favors

Finally, favors serve two purposes: they make sure every guest goes home with something fun and memorable, and they add to the decor at your party. Set up a cute favor table that reinforces your color palette and style, then decorate it with more complementary flowers and accessories that match the tablescapes. Top it off with your favor of choice, such as bottles of booze with customized labels, cozy red white and blue blankets, or even Labor Day-themed boxes of salty and sweet snacks or dessert!

Blow Them Away with GITP Labor Day Weekend Decor Ideas

If you’re in the midst of party planning for Labor Day Weekend, keep us in mind. Garden in the Pines would love to help you dream up your tablescapes and bring them to life. Contact us today to request your special Labor Day centerpieces!

You can also keep us in mind for Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and more when we run special deals for flower deliveries and holiday arrangements!

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