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Mary Anne & Kyle’s Wedding – Breakers On The Ocean in Spring Lake, NJ

When Mary Anne and Kyle came to Garden in the Pines with their combination of floral requests for their Breakers On The Ocean in Spring Lake, NJ wedding, Alyssa was more than up for the challenge. Mary Anne wanted each bloom in her arrangements to have sentimental value, which turned out to create quite the eclectic and beachy floral order! Roses, lilies, hibiscus, cherry blossoms, sunflowers, palm leaves… good thing Alyssa has a good eye and an open mind!

Garden in the Pines was able to provide Mary Anne and Kyle with several mock-ups for different arrangements to make sure the couple was in love with the floral combinations and designs. It was a tall order, but Alyssa put together a gorgeous cascading style bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, floral hair accessories, cake flowers, urns for the church, and a Blessed Mary bouquet.

Take a look at how Alyssa was able to combine all the blooms that Mary Anne and Kyle dreamed into cohesive and dreamy arrangements!

The Cascading Style Bridal Bouquet

Photo by Willam Hendra Photography

Mary Anne had a list of flowers that all had special sentimental value to her. Her list included roses, lillies, sunflowers, hibiscus, cherry blossoms, and palm leaves. These flowers were so important to her, in fact, that she had them tattooed on her! Unfortunately, there wasn’t a precedent for mixing most of these blooms into one arrangement. It was difficult to visualize at first, but Alyssa got to work finding variations of these blooms that would work together beautifully.

One key alternative was to use white sunflowers instead of yellow, which gave the bouquet a bridal feel and allowed the flowers to compliment the other blooms nicely. Mary Anne also wanted a cascading bridal bouquet, so Alyssa used the palm leaves to bring volume and movement to the arrangement along with some beautiful textural additions.

This time of year, it was difficult to include blooms like cherry blossoms and hibiscus. These flowers also don’t make for great cut flowers. As a solution, Alyssa chose high-quality faux cherry blossoms and hibiscus to ensure the bride still got everything she wanted.

The Bridesmaid Bouquets and Man of Honor Boutonniere

Photo by William Hendra Photography

It was no time to avoid the power of a good yellow sunflower, though! While Mary Anne got a more bridal-looking bouquet with white sunflowers, Alyssa brought the bright pops of yellow in with standard sunflowers in the bridesmaids’ bouquets. She also combined them with complementary purple lilies, palm, and some textural elements for movement and interest.

The bride also asked her brother to be her Man of Honor, so we adorned him with a great boutonniere to include him in the party!

These colors were gorgeous against the assorted blue dresses that the bridesmaids wore. They also added to the beachy sunset look Mary Anne was looking to add to her seaside venue, Breakers On The Ocean in Spring Lake, NJ!

The Urns for the Church Ceremony

Photo by William Hendra Photography

Mary Anne and Kyle were passionate about saying their vows before God and their family in their local church. Their ceremony was held in St. Dominic’s Church in Brick, NJ, and believe me — it was stunning.

Best of all were the two front-facing urns that Alyssa put together to bookend the altar. The massive palm leaves brought so much shape and life to the arrangements. Out from their center, sunflowers, lilies, roses, and more brought out the gold and white in the church perfectly.

Look at how beautifully they frame this couple’s first kiss as Mr. and Mrs.!

The Blessed Mary Bouquet

Photo by William Hendra Photography

Mary Anne and Kyle chose to present a bouquet to the Blessed Mary statue as part of their ceremony. This beautiful gesture paid tribute to Mary’s late relatives by using the relatives’ favorite flowers. The bouquet included gardenia, jasmine, and roses.

Beachy Sunset Sentimental Wedding Florals Gallery

Looking for more inspo? Check out more of the beautiful pictures that William Hendra Photography got of Mary Anne and Kyle’s special day!

The cake flowers – roses and sunflowers
The bride showing off her beautiful bouquet, along with the corsages we made and the church urns!
A bird’s eye view shot of those gorgeous bridesmaids’ bouquets
Check out this spread of beachy yet elegant wedding essentials!

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