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4 Myths About Wedding Flowers

There are always a few myths about wedding flowers that couples believe in but will negatively affect their wedding planner journey. It’s important for you to have these myths understood before your design consultation with your floral designer to understand the way wedding flowers are processed, how long they’ll last, and more.

Myths About Wedding Flowers #1: “Greenery will save you money”

The first of many myths about wedding flowers is that having more greenery than flowers will make your arrangements cheaper. Greenery is not always cheaper than flowers!

It all depends on how you use it. Greenery is best used economically to fill out an arrangement and create a fuller, more lush look. think about it: using 50 roses is going to be more costly than a dozen roses with a bunch of greenery. But, you’re going to have completely different looks.

An all greenery arrangement still requires an abundance of varying types of green material to create the lush and textural look you desire.

Ultimately, it comes down to what you love. Don’t skimp out on an arrangement because it is less expensive if you are not going to be in love with the outcome!

Greenery in lush table centerpiece

Myth #2: “Faux Flowers are Cheaper”

It can be tempting to cut corners here and there to stay within your wedding budget, but let me assure you that the only cheap faux flowers are the ones that look cheap! You get what you pay for when it comes to faux florals. The realistic looking florals turn out to be more costly than fresh florals in both material and labor.

Can you imagine how much time it takes to find faux florals to source that look realistic, Trying to determine how many come in a bunch for our recipe counts, and if there aren’t enough needed from a particular supplier – trying to match them with other suppliers- especially when there aren’t variety names for faux flowers?

Just go with the fresh! You won’t be disappointed. The blooms won’t end up in a land fill. And, the fresh, un-dyed blooms can be composted!

Garden in the Pines wedding flowers at The Water’s Edge

Myth #3: “They’ll last for a week after your wedding”

Wedding and event flowers are not the same thing as retail flowers. Wedding flowers are processed to be at their peak bloom stage for your event. This means that the bloom is at the peak of their life cycle (often a day or two away from death). We want your flowers to be showy and perfect for photo opportunities and wow factors. So, we want all of the blooms to be open!

Retail flowers are delivered with blooms in varying stages of their life cycle so that the flowers seemingly last for weeks. When they’re arranged to have blooms unopened, mid-stage, and full bloom, the dead blooms can be removed from the arrangement and you can still enjoy the unopened and continuing-to-bloom florals until the end of their life cycles.

Garden in the Pines wedding flowers at La Mondina in Brielle, NJ

Myth #4: “Everything can be repurposed”

As your wedding florist, we want you to maximize your arrangements to the fullest extent. But, there are exceptions to repurposing florals.

Some Reasons not to repurpose might include:

  • Sandy / Dirty / Rainy / Wilted arrangements from outdoor ceremonies
    • A note about wilted arrangements- keep the weather in mind for your outdoor ceremony. A 110º Arizona Summer wedding with hydrangeas is going to wilt. Your floral designer will be able to guide you to use more hardy blooms for your climate. But, we cannot control the weather- and you do not want your guests to be looking at wilted arrangements throughout the evening!
  • Not enough time to turn-over decor
  • Mechanics will not allow for turn over
  • Two separate venue locations for ceremony & reception
  • More costly to turn over decor than to simply have an extra arrangement in the reception space

Your floral designer will be able to guide you to help create creative solutions for your custom needs- it’s what we do!

Ask Us About More Myths About Wedding Flowers

Looking to plan your wedding or event? Inquire with Garden in the Pines for your wedding and event floral decor – we can’t wait to tell your love story through your design aesthetic.

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