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Bridal Bouquet Inspiration


Ahhhh…. The bridal bouquet. THE most important floral element for your wedding. It is the single most highly-photographed item, should be designed with your personality and style in mind, and be totally and completely YOU. But sometimes, we just need a little bridal bouquet inspiration.

Bridal bouquets can come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and colors. Some brides even choose not to have a “traditional” bouquet and opt for a wreath, garland, or floral jewelry instead. Some bouquet styles can be cascading, spiraled, wide, or flown. Stems can be kept extra long, or minimal so that they’re hidden. Ribbon can trail or simply wrapped around the stems. Bouquets can be composed entirely of greenery and textural elements, only focal florals, or a mix of everything. The ideas are literally endless.

See some previous designs that couples have desired below! This blog post will be updated semi-regularly with new design styles and elements as couples request them. Feel free to check back here over the course of your planning. And PLEASE, if you’re a past couple, send us your professional photos so that we can include them here and other areas of our website!

Using Bridal Bouquet Inspiration for Your Wedding Planning

By bringing bridal bouquet inspiration photos to your wedding florist candidates during discovery meetings, you’ll be able to show off your style and interests and better explain your vision. Your florist will also be able to ask more pointed questions to pin down exactly what you want!

Love what you see? Contact us today to get started on your wedding planning journey!

Please don’t hesitate to get creative with your bridal bouquet. Fun color palettes, styles, and textural elements can help create a unique bouquet that is totally you! I am so on board with any fun or creative ideas you have. Submit an inquiry by clicking the ‘Now Booking’ image below!

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