Nov 22

How To Create Impact for Your Wedding Ceremony


One of the most important floral budget pieces is the wedding ceremony decor. The two most heavily photographed items are the bridal bouquet and the ceremony structure, so that is 150% where we should focus your budget. The wedding ceremony is so incredibly intimate and should definitely provide the perfect backdrop to compliment your love.

There are several different ways to create the perfect ceremony backdrop. The first backdrop that comes to mind is an arch structure. This, however, can take SO many different forms. See some examples below!

Of course, to try to get some more bang for your budget, ask your floral designer about repurposing your ceremony decor at your wedding reception! It helps to stretch your budget and can add to the ambiance of your wedding reception.


We do have several arch structures available for rent and if we don’t have an item in inventory we’d definitely be able to source it for future events.


Natural statement pieces can be so breathtaking! If getting married under a beautiful tree or in a meadow it can be so impactful to create a statement piece that adds to the beauty already there! We can design a floral structure ON the tree, or create a half-moon of flowers around you two, or create natural floral pillars. Check out the Inso photos below to get your juices flowing!



Arrangements can head the aisle to create an impact as you’re about to walk those special steps. Or, they can line the whole aisle walkway. They can be as simple as lining the walkway with petals, or as grand as a meadow on either side of the aisle. We can incorporate fresh blooms into live potted plants, or tie bundles of blooms to the chairs that line the aisle. The ideas are endless! See some inspiration photos below.

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