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Biweekly Floral Subscriptions from Garden in the Pines


Dreaming of fresh flowers delivered to your door every other week, sharing the joy of flowers, all while supporting local flower growers? Does it get much better than that? Garden in the Pines offers biweekly floral subscriptions throughout the Spring, Summer, and Autumn seasons to share the joy and beauty of local flowers.


Your bouquet will come arranged on your first delivery in a custom Open Faith Pottery vase designed specially for our Garden in the Pines clients.

Why Do I Need a GITP Biweekly Floral Subscription?

What better way to support local businesses than by pre-purchasing 4 Weeks of Bouquets for the end of summer season?!

  • 80% of the flower market is imported from overseas. This means that your flowers in the supermarket and most floral shops are coated in chemicals to keep them looking fresh several weeks after the blooms are harvested.
  • Locally grown flowers do not require chemical coatings to keep the blooms fresh because they are delivered to your doorstep/ picked up within a day of harvest! This means that your blooms will last longer than typical store-bought bouquets AND you will see different specialty blooms that normally wouldn’t ship well from overseas.
  • Locally and sustainably grown blooms help bring the market back into the U.S.
  • Sustainable growing methods help to ensure a positive environmental impact on pollinators and inhabitants alike.

Biweekly Floral Subscriptions: Spring Collection


Our bi-weekly subscriptions focus on local, seasonal blooms. So in Spring, you can expect to have fresh tulips, peonies, daffodils, and poppies included in your bi-weekly deliveries.

Biweekly Floral Subscriptions: Summer Collection


In Summer, you can expect to see sunflowers, zinnias, snap dragons, lilies, gladiolus, and cosmos.

Biweekly Floral Subscriptions: Fall Collection


In Autumn, you can expect to see dahlias, sunflowers, zinnias, rudbeckia, and chrysanthemums.

Each season Garden in the Pines offers a seasonal bouquet subscription, check out our shop listing here to reserve your spot in the upcoming season! We only reserve a limited number of subscriptions per season to ensure we have enough quality blooms to utilize in your bouquets.


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