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your pour

Get my proven, step-by-step process, a full list of the tools needed, and a comprehensive breakdown on how to preserve flowers so they can be treasured forever.



Creating beautifully preserved floral arrangements can be an extremely time-consuming and draining process.

The trial and error of getting the ratio just right, the stir time, the bubbles that continually rise to the surface, and don't event mention the florals rising to the surface or the chemicals mixing too hot!

Maybe you're like me... trying to get the mix just right and perfect the process so you can grow your preservation business for couples hoping to preserve their wedding flowers, loved ones cherish their sympathy blooms, or best yet- get to creatively design incredible pieces of art for people to functionally use in their home or workplace
(hello incredible desk!)

Yep, that was me, too.

Though, through a painstaking process and thousands of dollars of wasted resin, molds, and flowers, I figured out how to get that 'perfect pour.'

So you can get it right on your first day!

I figured out how to perfect the pour!

I'm going to show you my step by step process of how to create a beautiful resin design so that you can preserve flowers forever.

As business owners, we have an obligation to learn from other peoples' mistakes... to save ourselves time and grow quicker.

The idea behind trial and error is a solid one... You learn from your mistakes.

But it can be very time consuming to test the practice over and over again until you get it right.

Especially if you have a business idea that you want to create a revenue quickly... and don't have the finances to trial thousands of dollars of product to perfect the process.

the problem is the mindset that you need to learn slowly through trial and error.

Yes, this creates a learned experience. 

But you could also have a learned experience with less costly expenses, and more time using the perfect pour process.

Your florals will come out beautifully every time.

You don't have to be an artist, designer, or handy-man to perform this process.

You don't need to be a jack-of-all-trades. You don't even need a team to perform these steps for the perfect pour.

the best part?

This whole system can be implemented in your business in a day's work.

All you have to do is commit to the practice of our step by step process to perfect your pour.

step back and get ready to see your floral preservation in clear resin!

Are you ready to create this incredible piece of art? This keepsake that your clients can cherish forever?

Yeah, I thought so.

My step by step system walks you through the process start-to-finish so that you can create incredible resin designs every time.

We've perfected our pour so you're able to ensure all of our florals will be safe throughout the preservation process.

and now? I want to invite you to see what's inside.

Several years ago, I had no idea how to "do" the resin thing. All of the instagram and TikTok artists made the process look so easy! Through a year of trial and error, I learned how to perfect my pouring process so that I could bring my resin preservation business to the next level.

And now I'm handing over my step by step system to help you do it, too.

What?! I need this!

I've taken everything I've learned and built it into an insanely comprehensive course, focused on helping save you the time, resources, and energy of understanding the resin preservation process.


the perfect pour

In order to work with resin effectively, we need to first understand how the chemical works so that we can create a perfect mix.

In this education-packed lesson I walk you through the steps of creating a perfect mixture that will create a perfect treasured keepsake.

What's inside the 'Perfect pour' program?


phase one

phase  two


What better way to learn than to get your hands on the material! 

In this phase of the course we walk you through step by step exactly the materials, tools, techniques and types of epoxy you can use for your project.


PlUS! My done-for-you shipping instructions, care instructions, and finishing guide.

Oh! There's more.

shipping and handling instructions

To help your clients ship their bouquets to you as beautifully as the florist created them!

care instructions

to help your clients take the best care of their resin keepsake... So they can cherish it forever!

finishing guide

Once the perfect pour is complete... We need to add those finishing touches for a shiny keepsake!

understand the types of resin for the different projects. you may wish to complete.

mix epoxy to the correct ratio

Mix your resin to the perfect consistency so there are no swirls

learn how to get all of the bubbles out of finicky mold designs.

get our handy packing and shipping instructions

set yourself apart from other floral professionals through this streamlined process.

By the end of The perfect pour program, you will...

How much does it cost?

Sounds great!

when you enroll today, you'll click open your membership link to start:

GITP Core System & Strategy- $997

step-by-step guide - $597

done-for-you shipping instructions. - $97

Done-For-YOU care guide - $97

finishing guide - $97

Exclusive private facebook community - $147

That's a value of $2000+

And in my dream life, you’d be sitting side by side at my design studio, both of us aprons on while I show you how i create my incredible pieces of art.

 But since I’m doing that virtually, teaching you at your own pace and in your own time zone, I’m able to pull that price down—way down—at a payment that works for you

Even better news? you'll get instant access inside The program and membership in our private Facebook community to systemize your process!

Because I'm passionate about helping you crack the code and take the mystery out of scaling your floral business, you can grab the perfect pour' for just…

I'm Larry

I'm the man behind the preservation side of our floral design business. I did the hard work of trial and error so that you can take my process and grow from it!

All of the late nights.

All of the wasted resin (with the bubbles, swirls, and scratches)

There was even a hard lesson that covered my entire kitchen counter with slimy, wet, and HOT epoxy because I got it so wrong.

All of the headache.

All of the frustration.

I brought it all together and figured out how to make it work for ME... and now, for you!

Hey there!

it's the best feeling a business owner can have to know that the pieces your clients paid so generously for will last!

And I want to teach you how to do the same.

HUNDREDS OF designs LATER. A YEAR-STRAIGHT of late nights improving the process. And I've cracked the code on preserving florals in resin.

A's to Your Q's

Q: Will I miss out on anything if I buy now and have to start the course later? The timing just isn’t right for me right now.

A: Absolutely not! There is a reason why I chose to do a go-at-your-own-pace course, why? Because life is busy, chasing dreams is busy, and running a business is busy! I want you to jump into the content when your life allows and when you’re really invested in the process and ready to rock! This course isn’t for people who just want a secret recipe or a one-stop shop, it’s for people who are ready to do the work. Only you can determine when the time is right to make big things happen! 

Q: How long will I have access to the content? 
Will the course expire? 

A: I want you to always have this content, so if you join now, it’s yours forever. I am constantly tweaking, adding to it, and recording new content so once you’re in, you’re in for everything that’s waiting for you now (and anything that’s coming soon)! 

Q: How does the Facebook community work with The Perfect Pour? I’m not sure I want to be added into another group! 

A: The Facebook group is an added bonus! I pop in weekly to answer questions, provide feedback, and encourage you on your journey through growing your preservation skills! I am anything but an absent leader and with a community of successful entrepreneurs, you will find support in the Facebook group! I love guiding you through the process and holding your hand as you try new things, implement new strategies, and grow your business. This group will never expire, once you’re in, you’re in for life! 

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Feeling more balanced, and rested, and in alignment with what you're wanting to create for your life.

Finding time to do what you love most and saying no to the rest. 

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